Slow & Low, a rye whiskey Old Fashioned in a bottle is inspired by rock and rye — America’s original bottled cocktail. Launched by the ever0innovative Cooper Spirits in July 2013, Slow & Low takes straight rye whiskey and blends it with orange peel, honey, and horehound. It stands 84 proof and extra dry, like a proper Old Fashioned. A master blend of aged rye whiskies has been carefully sourced and blended for true, bold rye whiskey character. This is a blend of straight rye whiskies aged between 2 and 10 years – none of the candy coated bullshit they’re trying to pass off as whiskey these days. Every bottle is produced by Teamsters Local 500 in a family-owned distillery in Philadelphia.


+ONE is responsible for crafting the voice for the Slow & Low lifestyle in addition to creating a visually rich space through the Slow & Lens via social activation. We were also responsible for strategic digital brand direction, social media management and overall content strategy from the time of launch for a 24-month period.


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